You can find on this page the map of Dubaï bus. Dubaï buses are a transit system serving the city of Dubaï (United Arab Emirates) with the metro or the tram. The bus network has 140 lines.

Dubai's bus network has grown in recent years and serves the entire country. It is an economical means of transport but buses are often overcrowded at peak times or on certain routes. Buses run between 6:20am and 11:45pm every day. The buses are air-conditioned and have access to handicapės. A section is always reserved for women and children.

The Dubaï bus network which transports 109 millions passengers per year is operated by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Its network includes 140 lines.

The Dubai government is focusing its efforts on developing the bus network in the city. In recent years, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has established a bus network in Dubai consisting of 1500 buses.

All the buses in operation are new and the bus stops are air-conditioned. Buses in Dubai are very modern and air-conditioned, with information screens showing the route, direction, next stops and other essential news about the road network. Dubai's bus network consists of 119 routes, including one night route. The cost of a bus journey depends on how many fare zones you pass through during your journey.

Dubai's bus network serves the entire city, linking tourist areas, residential, industrial and business districts.